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Home Article My encounter With the patient's husband few months after her wife...

My encounter With the patient’s husband few months after her wife was discharged. — Ms. Jessica Loveth

I turned and waved in casual greeting as usual, and continued on my way, but then his face was vivid like we’d had a “more than a brief” encounter in the past, I looked at him again, and immediately, It struck,

He was that man who kept banging on the labor room door the day his wife was in labor,

one of the many of his kinds that made me come up with the opinion, that husbands should also be given ante-natal classes alongside their wives, to tip them on what and what not to expect on the Delivery -Day, and make them understand it’s neither magic nor instant noodles, so they won’t be acting like their women were just being punished.

I never thought of meeting him again, especially not in such a way, amidst the surprising friendly pleasantries he initiated, It was least expected, judging from how he had ranted, insulted, and almost gone physical on us that night,

for making his wife scream of so much pain behind locked doors, and over the unfortunate result of a stillbirth.

I was scared of approaching him with the news that night, because, for patients’ relatives like him, their chill pill is normally the cry of their newborn, i.e. a successful delivery,

He had broken down on hearing what happened, wailing and lamenting silently, I consoled him, but never imagined there’d be no grudge against the nurses nor the hospital at large,

I was happy seeing his stern face of a few months ago, glowing with genuine smiles,

I sent my regards to his wife and made sure to inform him we were actively expecting her next Antenatal visit regardless.

He replied, “Sure, sure thing”.

My face was filled with a satisfying smile as I turned to continue my walk.

Since my early working stage, I believed and had learned to interpret a patient’s rantings to be an act of helplessness and fear,

Placing myself in their shoes had also made me see over time, that what most of them need is an empathic, calm, and comforting counsel to ease their frustration, and this very man had proven that to me, with all that happened.

At the end of it all, it remains that the components of life are in these memories created, in these memories shared.

The cry of newborn babies, the husband’s paces outside the delivery room, the pain in their voices, the struggle to live, the satisfying smiles on their satisfy

the ability to relate with every one of their feelings per time in empathy, and the reflex conscientious obligation as a health worker to do your best in all cases, all of it, every of these majors and minors are the beautiful inspirations to keep me on this career path, for more than a long time.

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