The good people of Ikwuano must be shocked by the recent unverified and ignorant statement of facts regarding the above matter.

Yes, Ikwuano LGA account was recently garnished to the tune of N29,002,999.41 which mainly affected the LGEA staff salaries.

On 30th April 2018, ten councilors who served Ikwuano LGA from 1999 to 2002 obtained a judgment from Owerri Industrial court presided by Justice O. O. Arowosegbe for the sum of N45,347.693.00 against Ikwuano LGA for their severance allowances.

The 10 councilors are:
Hon. Ikechukwu Owobe
Hon. Emmanuel Osisiogu
Hon. Peter Ndubuwa
Hon. Nkem Nwogbo
Hon. Emeka Ikeogu
Hon. Imo Nwachukwu
Hon. Ndubueze Ohaeri
Hon.Ndubisi Ohakalam
Hon. Anthony Alaribe
Hon. Clement Onukwue.

The same year, 2018, the above councilors garnished the account of Ikwuano LGA to the tune of N41, 483,827.17 and shared it among themselves. Remaining only the balance of N3, 683,870.83.

It was this balance and 10% monthly interest that got to the above currently garnished sum.

So, when the present Executive Chairman, Ikwuano LGA was sworn into office in December 2020, this particular case file was not handed over to him. I guess because the previous LGA governments thought the matter had died a natural death. Therefore, the current executive chairman was not aware of this matter until a garnishee nisi was served on the LGA bank and later the LGA.

The LGA quickly briefed a team of lawyers who attended the matter
On 7th July and thereafter. The court eventually made the garnishee nisi absolute, ordering the bank to pay within 24hours and thereby denying the LGA the right of Appeal and ability to evacuate the money from that account.

Needless, to narrate all other internal arrangements with the Bank to avert this unfortunate situation which also failed due to some insider sabotage.

Currently, the Executive Chairman has seriously taken up this matter with both the state Governor and the ministry of Local government and chieftaincy affairs demanding replacement of the GARNISHED funds to offset Ikwuano teacher’s July salaries. I believe that’s all a reasonable leader could do in the circumstance.

Surprisingly, the name of the Executive Chairman Ikwuano LGA is now being smeared when he is innocent, without knowledge of the conspiracies, and doing his best to remedy or savage the problem.

More surprising is the fact that the litigants who without human conscience took away and shared the teacher’s salaries without the knowledge of the Executive Chairman are a few Ikwuano sons as mentioned above.

Some have held the office of the LGA chairman, deputy, and others, but didn’t pay off these severance allowances and are busy trying to capitalize on their own misdeeds to portray the Executive Chairman Ikwuano LGA, Chief Stephen Mpamugo, in a bad light through their stooges and hatchet men.

More shocking is that the present Ikwuano NUT chairperson is the wife of one of the litigants and should have knowledge of what transpired but chose to conceal same for selfish reasons but she is at the forefront of peddling wrong information against the Executive Chairman while enjoying the loot with her husband.

I conclude by saying the above-mentioned persons are the culprits and the LGA chairman is doing everything within his powers to repossess the situation.

Rumour mongers and peddlers should desist from putting up write-ups without verification.

E – Signed
Aaron Elekwachi
The Executive Chairman

Chinweuba Anyaragbuhttps://cdanewsonline.com
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